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 Pre-full game FAQ

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PostSubject: Pre-full game FAQ   Pre-full game FAQ Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03, 2008 3:23 pm

1: how do I play PokeRev?

You can play almost any way you so desire, so long as it doesn't breach or bend any of the rules set down by The admins.
2: I have a really good idea to imrove pokerev! what should i do?

You should PM me, Tyrannus. Do not post it in the forums until it is accepted, or else it may cause some players to belive it is already accepted and try to utilize it, so its actually very simple.
3: I saw that this game is affiliated with PokeDMUCA, can i transfer my pokemon from Pokerev to UCA?

NO. the two games are affiliated, but beyond that fine line, they are NOT conneted games, and breaching this rule WILL get you deleted if it severly messes with UCA's chronology.
4: I saw that this game is affiliated with PokeDMUCA, can i transfer my pokemon from UCA to PokeRev?

Like with rule three, the reverse is also true. Pokemon may never go to or come from UCA, end of story.
5: When Will PokeRev be completed?

I do not have a set date, but I hope that by the year's end, Pokerev will have all systems running full-force.
6: my friend(s) broke one (ore more) of the PokeRev Rules! No matter what Do I cannot bear to report them/ they won't listen to me! What should I do?

As hard as It may be for you, you will have to report your friends. Breaking the Pokerev rules will mess up the game, and to keep things running well, I NEED to know when this sort of an event occours! Within 1 day of informing me I will have removed the rule-breaking post and all other posts related to it. The punishment for breaking rules can be extremely sever, or barely influencial, although it is often best to leave them unbroken, lest you send yourself on the road to deletion.
7: Did anyone really ask these questions? Or did you just make them up?

I don't know, why don't you ask them and find out... ; )
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Pre-full game FAQ
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