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 Poke'Rev Rulebook

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PostSubject: Poke'Rev Rulebook   Poke'Rev Rulebook Icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 6:21 am

This should be the first forum you go to upon joining pokerevolutions and this post states the rules that all members are expected to follow.

~~~ Code of Conduct~~~

1. This is the most important rule of pokerev: Play pokerev the way it was meant to be. this means that when you create your account, you can NOT Claim to be pokemon champion or "import" a high level pokemon from your characters past. The game doesn't work this way, and players doing this will be warned. those who continue to opress this rule will be deleted and banned.

2. This is only intended for the RPG base: In pokerev you may give a pokemon to another trainer without trading them. (meaning if you want to give a friend a pokemon, for their birthday for example, you may) However, these pokegivaways must be authorized by an admin or moderator beforehand. If you claim to have given a pokemon to someone, and you did post it, but it is unautorized, you will be warned, and possibly deleted if you continue.

3. Moderator+ status is my own creation for this board, it basically means that i have given this particular moderator special abilities for a good job as a regular moderator. These abilities can include being able to determine damage
in battles, co-ordinating wild pokemon encounters ect. however, if a moderator+ disobeys the code of conduct, they will be deleted and have to start over.

~~~In Game Rules~~~
Only the referee of a match may determine the damage. also to prevent biased matches, only a system admin or moderator may be a referee. Also, if a moderator is in a match, he may NOT battle and referee at the same time. (Note to moderators: Do your job as an admin right, if you are caught refereeing a biased match, you WILL BE STRIPPED OF MODERATOR POSITION PERMANENTLY and the person the match was biased against will recive double exps!! Only a system admin my name a referee for a match.

If a pokeball is declared as failed to capture, it is gone, you may not claim to pick up the ball and retry the same ball to prevent buying more. in battle, the sucess of a pokeball is determined by a system admin. You may not claim to have any items or badges unawarded or purchased in the pokemart or as a result of a battle. Remember: long term rule following will be smiled upon (people who stick to the rules for one entire month will be awarded with items and if youre lucky, a chance at a legendary pokemon!***) Do not claim that your pokemon have been fully healed without visiting a pokemon center. by posting in the pokemon center forum your pokemon are healed (its that easy!)

If you notice any bugs that make the game too easy, please tell me and i will have it fixed, this game should be a challenging experience, dont take the losers way out by manifesting in-game bugs and glitches.

-----------------------------------------how to battle---------------------------------------------

1. initiating a wild pokemon battle:

- To initiate a pokemon battle, go to any route and post saying youve walked onto the route. I will then replay with a message initiating what pokemon attacked you (dont forget this is an RPG, get into the character!) you may then choose to battle (must "release" a pokemon first), open bag, switch a pokemon, or run.

2.regular battle (PVP)

- You must either be in the RPG or go to the Public colisseum to initate a trainer vs trainer style match. BOTH trainers MUST agree to the battle before it may begin. it can only be held in towns, event tents, or the universal colisseum.

3.Gym battle (gym/elite 4)
- You will need to enter a gym first, or one of the pokemon leagues. you will be pitted against an moderator or admin with a special temporary team suited for the battle.
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Poke'Rev Rulebook
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